Athletes And Celebrities Go Gluten Free

Celiac’s disease is affecting millions of Americans from all walks of life. This disease has only just recently come into the public spotlight. People suffering from Celiac’s disease cannot metabolize gluten, the substance that holds breads and pastas together, properly. If they should eat it, they usually have a terrible stomachache shortly after ingesting the gluten. More and more people are finding that, although they do not have Celiac’s disease, they do have a sensitivity to gluten, and therefore choose a gluten free diet.

HasselbeckCelebrities and athletes have really helped spotlight this particular disease because many of them are finding that they or their loved ones have an adversity to gluten. In fact, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of “The View”, has suffered unknowingly for many years with Celiac’s disease. After being incorrectly diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hasselbeck began to wonder if she would ever find relief from the terrible stomach pains that plagued her. Then one day she had a test done for Celiac’s disease and discovered that she was positive for the disease. She began eating a gluten free diet and feels better than ever. Her stomach pains have disappeared and she encourages people to try a gluten free diet to help improve their lives. In 2011 she introduced NoGii – her own line of gluten free protein bars.

DjokovicNovak Djokovic is a rising tennis star that recently revealed that he, too, suffers from a sensitivity to gluten. After learning more about gluten and how to avoid it, he now follows a strict gluten free diet. He is amazed at how much better he feels and how his stamina on the tennis court has improved.

PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow, an award winning actress and author of many cookbooks, is a huge advocate of the gluten free lifestyle. Since giving up gluten, she is feeling happier and healthier than ever. She is such a believer in the negative affects of gluten on the body that she also encourages her children to avoid gluten filled foods.

EspositoJennifer Esposito, star of “Blue Bloods”, suffered for many years with Celiac’s disease but did not know it. She simply knew that she was in a lot of pain and had no energy. After being diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, she too has been following a gluten free diet. She now has a new lease on life, feeling better than she has in years. She now has much more energy than before and her stomach pains are gone.

Living a gluten free lifestyle does take some initiative and change in the way one thinks about and prepares food. However, gluten free products are now better than ever and more readily available to the public. From breads to pastas to cereals, practically every product on the market now has a gluten free counterpart. For athletes, certain manufacturers even make gluten free protein bars. There are also many gluten free cookbooks with delicious and easy to follow recipes to assist in the transition to a gluten free lifestyle. Going gluten free is not just for celebrities and athletes, but it can truly be a positive change for anyone.