NoGii by Elisabeth Hasselbeck

HasselbeckElisabeth Hasselbeck is best known as the 2001 finalist of the CBS show “Survivor: The Australian Outback”, former Emmy Award winning co-hosts of ABC’s The View as well as a contributor to Good Morning America. Due to a very restrictive diet for 39 days during Survivor, Elisabeth experienced a noticable relief from her severe stomach pain, that she has been suffering from for years. Specialists and nutritionists weren’t able to diagnose her real problem, so after the show and the success with different foods in her diet she found out that she has Celiac Disease.

Ever since this light bulb moment Elisabeth was able to reintroduce certain foods to her diet and eliminated the food that made her sick: Gluten. She thereafter commited herself to raise awareness of the autoimmune disease. In May 2009 she introduced her book “The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.”, which became a best seller, followed up by the cookbook “Deliciously G Free” in 2012.

40911_NOG_LogoIn early 2011 Hasselbeck introduced  NoGii – her own line of gluten free nutritional products for the whole family. She has been heavily involved in the creation of NoGii and contributed to packaging design, logo and product formulations. Adding new items ever since, NoGii now offers gluten free protein and snack bars for kids and adults.