Kratos Protein Beef Bar 11g

Kratos Protein Beef Bar

Kratos is the mythical Greek God of strength and power. And that’s what we deliver. Strength and power through a nutritional blend of the best ingredients available, in three distinctive beef bars.

Product Highlights

yellow_star 100% Midwest lean beef yellow_star 11 grams of Protein yellow_star Gluten free
  No Trans Fat yellow_star No MSG yellow_star No Nitrites yellow_star 1 gram Carbohydrates
Nut free yellow_star Lactose free yellow_star 4 grams of Fat

Main Protein Source

100% Midwest lean beef


INGREDIENTS: Beef, beef stock, sea salt, encapsulated citric acid, celery juice, black pepper, habanero pepper, garlic, coriander, hickory smoke flavoring (maltodextrin), turmeric powder, ground fenugreek.

Nutrition facts based on Zesty Pepper flavor. Facts and ingredients vary by flavor.


All Kratos Flavors

Kratos_ZP Kratos_BB
Kratos_AB Kratos_GW

About Kratos Foods

Kratos High Protein Beef Bars are a healthy alternative for those serious about maintaining their body. True to our values, we refuse to use ingredients that undo the good your workouts do. Instead, we pack them full of what your body needs to stay lean and healthy. It’s about creating a quality training bar that’s honest and simple.
And helping you hone, sculpt and honor your body in the process. (source:

Price: $36.00 for 12/box


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